Promotional video : A beneficial tool for all companies

VR 360

As a company, you’re probably always looking for an original way to promote your services, products, events or other parts of your activity.

The promotional video is a beneficial tool for all companies to allow them to target directly their clientele.

Nowadays, the promotional video has evolved and it doesn’t need to follow the usual standard. Technological progress and 360 videos are transforming the way of producing video content by offering new possibilities.

We will introduce the different advantages of opting for a 360 VR promotional video for your company.

What is the 360 VR ?

The 360 VR, also called 360 Virtual Reality can transport a user into a recreated universe or a captured one. The 360 VR immerses this user into the world as if he was on site.

All this can done through a smartphone, a computer or a 360 VR headset.

It is possible to create a promotional video in 360 VR to promote one of your events for example. The user will then be immersed with a live or a prerecorded feed of your event even if it happens on the other side of the world.

The reasons why your company could use a 360 VR promotional video

On top of promoting your various activities, the 360 VR promotional video offer a bunch of advantages:

  • You enhance the value of your activities you wish to promote: events, products, services or else.
  • You increase the value of your company by producing high quality content
  • You improve your visibility and the image of your brand
  • It’s easier to target your potential customers
  • You will have your customers live a memorable immersive experience
  • You’re adapting to the technological progress

Using 360 VR is the best way to share an experience with your consumers. You can also have them visit your office remotely. Have them experience a live musical, sports or cultural event in live that’s happening on the other side of the world. You can present your new products without the need to come to the store.

Additionally, the 360 VR promotional video offers a panoramic 360 view that allow you to choose where to look.

The 360 VR video production from VR2GO

Operating with the most recent hardware to ensure the best quality, VR2GO produces your promotional videos for any type of projects. We will take on any challenge. We will listen to your needs with attention and execute the production with professionalism.

VR2GO possesses the required skills to create the videos that you wish and that will enhance your activities.

Our goal is to position ourselves as one of the best company operating in virtual reality, virtual tours and 360 videos. We will always complete the project to meet your expectations and make sure you are satisfied of the result.

Contact-us right now for more information on the production of a 360 VR promotional video.