Our customers

Often in partnership with Tribu Expérientiel, VR2GO offers a virtual experience of quality for diverse customers. Whether the company operates in the entertainment, real estate, car dealership, we can provide services adapted to them.

As you may already know, more and more companies are getting interested in including virtual reality in their marketing stretegy. A lot of them choose to stay ahead of the technological improvements to offer the best experience for their customers, and nowadays the virtual experience is part of it.

Here are a few companies that chose to work with VR2GO:

  • Telus
  • Tourisme Montréal
  • HabitaGo.com
  • John Scotti Subaru

The best virtual experience for our customers

Is your company looking for new ways to diversify the experience of your customers? Whichever industry concerns you, virtual reality could play an important role to answer this need.

Virtual experiences are really in demand and generate a lot of attention on social medias. For this reason, they allow you to attract new potential customers and opportunity of growth. This is why you won’t need to worry about your return on investment.

Whichever establishment you represent, an interesting virtual experience of quality is possible for you.

Why should you also do business with VR2GO?

VR2GO has the expertise and the most recent technology to provide you with the best virtual experience possible. As you may already know, virtual reality is a marketing tool that can be used in multiple contexts to answer specific needs and objectives. With VR2GO, you can find a personalized service, inspired by your preferences in a professional environment.

The company never hesitates when a new challenge comes! We always put in all the necessary efforts to make sure that we meet all our customers’ expectations and more.