Formula E in Montreal 2017 (360 Video – 8K)

For the very first time in MontrealFormule electrique Montreal 2017

During the last weekend of July, for the very first time, the FIA Formula E Championship was taking place in Montreal. And this year, it happened to also be the last race of the championship that saw Lucas Di Grassi with the win for the drivers and a win from Renault E, Dams in team standings.

VR2GO was downtown to capture the virtual experience as a spectator and special media access during this event. The controversy initiated by the fact that the event was taking place in the heart of the city instead of the usual Jacques Villeneuve race track didn’t really matter as people came out to the event in numbers. The stands were pretty much packed as you can see in the 360 video.

If you’ve missed the race, they will be back next year and the year after, for more entertainment, showcasing non-stop technological progress and new teams will join the championship still in its infancy.

In the heart of the race

As a spectator in the stands, or on the side of the race track in a unique context with exclusive access, live the immersive experience we created for our audience.

Producing the 360 video

In Formula E, the engines are way more quiet than those used in Formula 1 but they give a loud high pitched noise that saturates the sound in the built-in microphone. An external recording device would definitely provide better sound capture.

We included an overlay at the bottom of the sphere, you will be able to visualize your current position around the track in real-time.

For a first video in 8K, the amount of data to edit is clearly massive. The final high bitrate video ended up being over 80GB and it took over a day to upload and process the video online. The difference of quality becomes obvious between 8K and 4K, especially on immersive content, the image looks a lot sharper.

With the future probable adoption of the new H.265 codec everywhere, it should facilitate the process but this first production gives us really good hope for what’s next.