Google Street View in Montreal

Do you know that Google Street View can now teleport you in more than 50 different countries, all around the world? Created in 2007, the Google Street View service is available from Google maps and it offers you 360 degrees panoramic views allowing you to visit places as if you were there.

How to use Google Street View?

Google Street View is directly accessible via Google Maps (or Google Earth). When you zoom in on the map to the maximum, you can then drop the little yellow man called Pegman at a certain location. From that moment, you enter the streets as if you were actually walking them down and you can move from on point to another one.

For example, you could use Google Street View in Montreal and take a walk to the summit of Mont-Royal, without a problem.

You could ask yourself how it this possible? Well, in fact, those virtual tours are created by companies like VR2GO, who work to take more and more 360 photos that will end up being posted on Google Maps. Those companies work with specific camera lenses called fish-eye and of course the finest camera technology to go with it.

The geographical locations are then registered accurately and associated to the place when virtually reconstituted.

Why use Google Street View in Montreal ?

Google Street View can be useful to:

  • Do a virtual visit in the entire world, especially on touristic sites (like the Canadian National Parks) while you are in the confort of your own home.
  • Verify your itinirary with precision, take a virtual look before visiting a location, visualize specific areas, check if a parking has handicapped spots, etc.

Google Street View offers many advantages for tourists as they can visualize locations ahead of their trip and can easily avoid bad surprises.

This services is the most beneficial for professionals who can use the pictures from Google Street View to represent their company and brand in the digital world.

What’s the future of 360 photos ?

Nowadays, technologies are part of the everyday life of everybody, and Google Street View is part of it. Those panoramic pictures can have the users traveling in a different country just with one click.

Except Google Street View, the use of a 360 video allow you to film the complete surroundings of your choice. This allows you to be immersed in an event without actually being physically present.

This can also be applied in a different context such as condos, museums, schools or even companies.

These technologies keep on improving and providing better ways to allow you to discover the world as if you were actually on site.

VR2GO owns the technology that is best suited for your needs and the expertise to provide you with the Google Street View in Montreal and around, that will make it an unforgettable experience.