Igloofest 2016 (360 4K Video)

360 Video @Igloofest 2016

A Tribu Expérientiel production
• Executive producer: David Dubé
• Cameras & editing : Rémi Canton
• Coordinator: Marie-Josée Roy
• Music: Black Tiger Sex Machine – Stairway

The 10th Anniversary Edition

If Montreal is known for one thing in North America, it’s for our crazy parties during the entire year, winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. Igloofest is one of those events that is unique in Montreal! Where else can you get the best current artists and DJs lined up for an outside show with temperature going down to -30 Celsius during the entire month of January. This year 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the event. This means, more stars, more entertainment to bring the fun to the party goers and of course more people to come!