Jackalope 2016 (Video Virtual Tour)

What’s Jackalope?

Jackalope is one of the very few events in Montreal that gathers extreme sports fan from everywhere for a huge party! This year was the fifth edition and they will be back next year with an even bigger one!

So what did you miss? Well take a look a their official poster to give you a better idea!

Jackalope Poster

If you’re a skateboarder from the city and around, I really hope you didn’t miss it… It was skateboard central park for the week-end! There was a small pipe for beginners and a big skate park built specifically for this event as part of the world cup tour!

We saw some fixed gear as well! Fixed gear is kind of a bike but no brakes…definitely not for me as it reminds me bad memories… Those guys were circling the Olympic Stadium.

The brand new event this year, even crazier than the rest was the base jump…from the top of the Olympic tower! Unfortunately, the competitors could only jump on Friday as the weather conditions deteriorated throughout the week-end. As you can guess, wind is a huge factor for those guys so they didn’t take any unnecessary risks.

During that week-end, you could also practice slack-line, which really seems to become a thing at that point (peep the dude in the video tour doing back-flips) and your climbing skills on a wall assembled for the occasion.

The motocross, supposed to happen on Sunday had to be cancel as it was pouring that day…

Let’s not forget the musical performances from local talents to keep you moving until the end!




Jackalope Skate park

Video Virtual Tour

This was a test to be honest! I think it turned out pretty good, it ends up being more immersive than photos would have been…but it’s much much heavier for your bandwidth and graphically, especially for your phone to handle the VR mode. Each spot has approximately a minute of video that is looping. The quality of each video is 4K with a relatively low bitrate for one obvious reasons this time: nobody is going to wait 2 minutes for a video to load…

Let us know how you enjoy the experience!
And here is the external link to view it in your cardboards or a different tab!