Jinga Session: Introduction to Soccer Skills (4K 360 Video)

VR2GO met  with two young and talented soccer players this week to do a test of what a 360 video experience would be like as a soccer amateur.


The meeting at the soccer field

The meeting took place at the recreation center of Ville Mont-Royal, this is a well-known spot for all soccer players in town: everyone has played, trained or watched a game out there! If you haven’t then you’re probably not a fan or you’re from out of town. A good friend of the team (#TropDePoutine) arranged the encounter a bit after sunset, but the lighting was on point so there wasn’t any issue at all. Once we explained the concept to the guys, they started warming up with the ball. No real pressure on this one, it was only a test shoot that will allow us to create a proper concept for that! Basically, we told Kenzi (on your left on the video) and Alamou to exchange the ball, juggle with it as much as possible without dropping it if possible. For a first time, being on camera might be a bit challenging but they did okay and we were able to grab a short video.

Jinga Session: Introduction (Soccer skills) #TropDePoutine

From left to right: Alamou, Coach Keke, Kenzi


Editing the video

The challenge with this type of video is definitely to keep a reasonable distance from the camera: too close and the stitching will be visible, too far and the viewer will need binoculars… Except at one point in this video, the distance from the camera is quite alright at all times. The video was captured at 100FPS which allowed for super slow motion on some of the skills that the players showcased.


A follow-up?

There is definitely a good possibility that you will see other videos from us in collaboration with other players from Montreal. That was just a beginning.


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