Luminotherapie 2017 (7th edition) on Place des Arts (4K 360 Timelapse)

A visual experience

Luminotherapie 2017 Tiny Planet

Luminotherapie 2017 Tiny Planet (Photo: VR2GO)

Montreal is the city where there is always something to do, there is always some type of activity going on somewhere in town especially downtown and on Place des Arts. From December 8th to January 29th 2017, if you happen to be downtown, you can’t miss this 7th edition of “Luminotherapie”.

This year, the selected project is called “Loop” and consists of 13 zoetropes all accessible to the public to interact with. You might be wondering what a zoetrope is? Here is how wikipedia describes it: “A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.”

Still not so clear? Well in practice, it’s really simple, you take place in one of those loops and you start pumping on the lever that will make it rotate! On either side, in and out, it looks like those old school movies, giving you that vintage feeling as you’re the one in charge of the speed.

Most people seem to try it out out of curiosity, kids and grown ups too, because it is frankly fun and really cool.

Since everything happens outside during that Canadian winter, dress warm and go enjoy this family activity!

“Luminothérapie”: An immersive timelapse.

It could have been a simple 360 video for this one, but since this activity is all about fun and timelapse are fun as well. We thought this would be a good match!

We have a couple versions to show you for this activity: the little planet timelapse video and the immersive 360 timelapse video.

If you want more information on this activity, please visit the official page from Tourisme Montreal here.

• The Little Planet Experience

• The Immersive 360 Experience

In the Google Cardboards or Gear VR, it will really provide you with the sensation that you’re checking out a fast paced story.

Dont’t hesitate to share you experience of this “Luminotherapie” edition with us!