Sunset at Saint Joseph’s Oratory (4K 360 Timelapse Video)

The best place for watching a sunset?

Saint Joseph’s Oratory is one of those spot! Every tourist has it on his to-do list. If you’re a local resident and you haven’t been to visit, that’s something you should consider. It’s one of those vintage points, in Montreal, located on the Mont Royal Definitely choose to go on a beautiful day and get on top of those stairs to watch the sunset from what might arguably be the best spot in town to do so. It’s really peaceful and if you just had dinner on a date in the area, that should be a good end to your evening, if it’s been good so far of course…

If you’re still not sure that you should consider it, then I can only suggest that you watch the 360 video time-lapse that we captured out there!

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Sunset captured by 360 camera.

Sunset captured by 360 camera.

Sunset on the Saint Joseph's Oratory stairs.

Sunset from the Saint Joseph’s Oratory stairs.

Selfie Sunset Oratory

Usually we don’t do selfies… 

How did it come together after the shoot?

The number of photos taken on each GoPro camera greatly varied, for an overall shoot of an hour and a half. A length of 120 seconds was decided for the final time-lapse video. Each film, for each camera, was computed with the proper frame rate, depending on the number of photos taken.

Regarding the amount of data, it was quite significant:

  •  above 75 000 photos
  • about 300GB of data
  • over 10 hours of USB transfer
  • over 20 hours of processing

That said, I think everybody is pretty much ready for the next generation of 360/VR video capture technology coming later to the market this year.


360 Video Time-lapse