Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Ironman? (4K 360 Video)

What’s Ironman?

Subaru IRONMAN_M-T_presented by_Sportium-FRA
The Ironman race is a triathlon. It’s probably one of the hardest challenge that any athlete can accomplish and also a well-known race pretty much everywhere. It happens every year in Mont Tremblant, Québec.

Your first mission is to swim for 3.8 km in an estimated water temperature of 22 C. Once you complete this portion of the triathlon, then you’re going for a short bike ride of 180 km around the area and finally, for the last challenge of your day, you’ll be running a complete marathon, or exactly 42.2 km. The surroundings are beautiful but you might not get so much time to admire them!


The mission

We met in Mont Tremblant with some of the athletes who have participated in the race and the plan was to simulate the type of training that those guys go through to then compete in the race. The training session took place in the same area as the competition, but not on the exact same path as the race itself. We ran the training in the same order as the race trying to find the best visuals along the way especially for the bike ride with the view on the town and the  and the jogging session along the marina. After getting all the shots that we needed to produce our 360 virtual experience, we called it a day and it was time for the post-production.

Ironman Training Swimming

Let’s go for a swim!

Ironman Training Bike

Bike ride

Ironman Training Crew

The Crew




















360 video

Here is the virtual experience that we produced for Telus in order for them to show it at a kiosk on the day that the race happens!

Enjoy the ride 😉