Sky Diving: The Ultimate Experience (4K 360 Video)

Sky Diving: How it happened

For those of you who would ask me: “How do you plan your first sky diving jump?”, I wouldn’t know what to reply to you…except don’t! That’s how it happened to me! I received a call a bit after 9am the other day, and all I really understood was “jump“, “plane” and “parachute“, so I said yes, just because I couldn’t really pass on the opportunity to film that 360 video! I checked out the gear, make sure everything was on point and let’s do this!


Sky diving crew of the day

After signing all the paperwork, that says it might be your first and last time to jump out a plane, you get a quick but mandatory explanation, on what to do and what not to do once it goes down! You need at least 10 jumps in tandem before you can actually decide of your own faith after completing the proper classes. Then, it was time to gear up with the suit and board!


VIew from the plane

View from the plane

The Sky Diving Crew

The flying crew of the day

Inside the place before the jump

Ready to fly!

Pilot boarding

Hi Captain!

Pilot at work

Pilot at work

Before boarding

Pilot mic check

Suiting up

Gearing up to fly


















It was a great day to jump: sunshine and a nice temperature outside, a warm day! When you fly for the first time, you will wonder how to breathe because you got too much air! The free falling portion almost had me lose my shoes…INTENSE! Once the parachute deploys, you can actually start to chill a bit and enjoy the show around you.


Mission accomplished

Back from our mission












For sure! It’s a really nice experience to live and that’s also why we filmed this 360 video of the jump! The instructors from Parachutisme Adrénaline were really nice and very professional, if some of you want to jump as well, they’re located in St-Jerome, 45 minutes away from Montreal. Check them out on


360 Video

Video Producer: David Dubé
Camera & Post Production: VR2GO
Music: Sonique – Sky

Big thanks to Tribu Expérientiel and Parachutisme Adrénaline!