What is virtual reality ?

Virtual reality is a tridimensional immersive environment that is used to simulate a place or a vehicle.

First, the virtual world needs to be created by a professional, then a few tools are required for it to be experienced the right way.

With a VR headset, an individual can then move around freely in the virtual world where he can observe its details. For this, you need to use a headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR or else, that would be connected to a computer or using a smartphone.

Our virtual reality services

VR2GO is specialized in producing virtual reality content. Practical use in this field is expanding really fast and can efficiently answer multiples needs for professionals and individuals.

VIrtual reality is not only an entertaining experience, it can be used in many useful ways:

• In real estate
• For an advertising and/or promotional campaign
• For an educational purpose
• In architecture
• To help scientific or medical progress
• In video games
• Etc.

As you can see, virtual reality is a new tool that can be useful in many contexts and VR2GO can answer your needs and specific goals.

Why should you choose to use our services?

Out technical knowledge and multiple experiences in producing virtual reality content for a growing number of satisfied customers, VR2GO is the partner you need for your project.

We never hesitate to push back boundaries to innovate on your next project so that it will beat your expectations. VR2GO always aims to deliver a personalized service, based on your precise objectives and preferences. The work we deliver to our customers is always professional and we use the most recent technologies to achieve those results.