Virtual Ride in a Dodge RAM Laramie 2016 (4K 360 Video)

Why a virtual ride?

Dodge RAM Laramie 2016

Dodge Laramie 2016 (Photo Autoblog)

There are some cars that you can only dream of driving and there are others that you just wonder what it would feel like to drive them. This is the reason why we designed this virtual ride. This virtual experience is there to allow you to do just that. This time, we chose a  Dodge RAM Laramie because one of my friends worked at the dealership and the point was to prove that this type of media can be used to increase prospects and sales!

We chose the biggest, the most luxurious car that was in the lot that day…the Dodge Viper wouldn’t do good on those Montreal roads, let’s keep it real…

We come out the dealership, get in the ride, take it for a spin and bring it back home safe, all that of course not without showing you the key attractions of the vehicle. If the customer is not sure if he really wants to try the ride then the 360 video should finish persuading him.

This is the first official test with the prototype VR2GO created for first person driving simulation. Many more will follow and hopefully soon we’ll have some more intense driving simulations coming your way!

Driving the 2016 Dodge RAM Laramie: The Immersive Experience

This is clearly more of an advertising commercial concept than a joy ride but watch out for the joy ride because it will happen pretty soon!

If you’re in the Laval Québec area and you wish to book your test drive, get in contact with Vladimir Benjamin at Desmeules Chrysler Dodge Jeep Laval, by email: or by phone: (514)-616-1940.

Check out their website.

• the Immersive 360 Experience

In the Google Cardboards or Gear VR, it will really provide you with the sensation like you’re actually driving the vehicle!

Thanks to the guys of Desmeules Chrysler Laval for the car, after this first virtual ride, we’re coming back really soon with some more immersive driving!