360 live streaming

360 live streaming is a way to completely immerse your audience so that they can live the moment you’re living at the same time that you’re living it. The experience of being there is as real as it can get.

Comfortably installed wherever they want to be, your followers will be able to create their own memories without having the need to be on site for this. Your customers can now participate to your events, wherever their location in the world on whichever device is available to them at that time.

For companies like VR2GO, who specialize in virtual reality, live streaming is the ultimate goal. To be able to live an event remotely from anywhere is the most promising thing that VR can bring people but it’s also the most technically challenging!

How and why would you go Live in 360 ?

360 live streaming is part of what is known as live video streaming through social medias. Many platforms can be used for this purpose:

Facebook: with the option to go “Live”, companies and individuals can now stream live content over the internet and get live comments on the feed even in virtual reality with many options available (360/180/3D/2D).
YouTube: just like Facebook, you have the opportunity to stream 360 live content on there and interact with your audience.
Periscope: the live streaming application linked to Twitter also allows you to stream live in 360.

We offer recording and live streaming services for your events. Whichever type of event, if you wish to invite the world to assist, VR2GO will provide the eyes for your audience so they can view your events in real time, or later if desired.

Live streaming VR/360 in real time

• Excellent quality visuals (currently supporting 4K resolution for live streaming).
• Video supported on all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, VR headset, smart TV).
• Audience is unlimited.
• Can be live streamed on Facebook or YouTube (or other).
• Possibility to reuse the content of the live streaming for future use in 360 video for example.

360 live streaming services can benefit companies as well as individuals, it is the best way to share an event with a given community. Ways to use this technology are pretty much unlimited. Here are a few examples:

– Event agencies can use it to share their event in real time to those who couldn’t make it in person so that it raises awareness about the company as well as increasing the attendance for other upcoming events.
– A couple getting married can now have family and friends who can’t attend the wedding, watch them live for the biggest day of their life, priceless.
– A soccer game, a concert or any other event can benefit from this technology, either by providing a free live streaming or a pay-per-view version of it.

Get in touch with us if you have projects where you want to include live streaming in 360.

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