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A 360 video for training and/or education is a really great way to put a person in a certain situation to teach that person how to handle those situations or teach them how certaing things work.

The 360 video and the immersive experience allows for a better retention of the information through stimulating the empathy of the viewer like during “Security at work” training. You can put your viewer in a concrete situation, where they can get an explanation of what’s going on and how to handle those situations.

The use of virtual reality for training and educational purposes can really enhance the way you teach and the way they learn !

Why use a 360 video to provide training?

Training your employees or collaborators to achieve more tasks, or because the way that they accomplish a task is evolving throught the use of new tools, virtual reality is probably the best tool to make sure that you have all their attention !

The usual issue with training is that it’s often boring videos to watch or instructions to read and understand, even though people still have to handle all distractions like colleagues and cell phone and other screens. Virtual reality and 360 videos for training and education solves this problem brillantly.

Once you have all the attention from your viewer, if you add a captivating story on top of great visuals, then you get a compelling immersive experience that will ensure to provide you with the best results to teach.

Why use a 360 video for educational purposes?

For the same reasons that it is very efficient to train people on a VR headset, it is very efficient to get all the attention from people and especially kids to teach them about certain subjects and topics.

Once again, once you have all their attention, you can teach them what you want. That’s also one of the reasons we decided to launch educational 360 videos in partnership with ProdAqua about the work that is done as professional diver and cameraman.

How to accomplish your objectives with 360 videos

Training your employees and colleagues is one important job that needs to get done properly especially for security purposes. Educating your kids is equally important and if VR can make a positive difference in the way you teach people, then it’s certainly an option worth considering.

Our job is to work with you to make sure you get the right results by training your people or your students the proper way !

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