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We create a 360 video for event for our partners and customers working in the event production business, because it is very important for them to immortalize the success of their events. In most cases, videos will be captured and pictures will be taken. Most of that content will then end up online to confirm the success of the event. It is necessary to invest part of the resources in producing powerful videos that will bring spectators to your following events.

VR2GO wants to become your partner in producing a 360 videos during your events. We know how to create great visual content, to enhance the value of your projects.

How do we create such a video for your event?

We own special and appropriate gear to capture those 360 videos. This format allows the spectator to choose where he wants to look given a certain point of view.

Those videos can be played on a computer or from a smartphone. For complete immersion, it’s possible to wear a virtual reality headset or a simple Google Cardboard Viewer.

Our method is simple:

Capturing the video using a multi-lenses camera that can cover a 360-degree field.
Processing those videos to output a spherical video format.
This output can be broadcasted live on social networks or it can be used and edited at a later time. Both can also be done which can be recommended in most cases.

Why a 360 video service ?

Mainly for the “WOW” factor that they provide. It is currently one of the fastest ways to impress your future clientele. They won’t get tired of living a real immersive experience. They can watch wherever they like at all time.

In 2016, in partnership with TELUS, we created a 360 video related to the IRONMAN event that was then used on an activation kiosk during the event itself. The results and feedback were incredible. Hundreds of shares on social networks and many positive reactions. Since then, we’ve been covering live events and providing virtual reality experiences to different brands.

360 videos are becoming a hot commodity in the events and sports world, especially during concerts and festivals.

We are always ready to work with you to create an incredible video memory of your event.

Trust us with the responsibility of capturing your best memories
On top of having the expertise and the appropriate equipment, we are passionate about beautiful visual content. We are used to work in the event planning world.

VR2GO knows how to make sure to capture the best moments during your events.
The point of views selected are always chosen carefully.
Our prices are flexible and can be adapted to your needs and budgets.
Service all included, we are able to work autonomously.

Contact us now. We will plan together the capture of your upcoming events!

Ask for a free demonstration on how 360 videos can benefit your events !

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