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Industrial products

A 360 video for industrial products can help you showcase the real size of some machinery or plant, using virtual reality in such cases can help you reproduce the scale of products in the best manner.

The 360 video and the immersive experience allow you to place your prospect or customer at the center of your product or wherever you deem relevant to showcase and with VR, you can show pretty much all the details that a brochure or even standard video won’t.

The use of virtual reality and 360 video to view your products and/or plant will provide people with insights that usually lack on other forms of media.

Why use a 360 video to showcase your industrial products?

When the product that you sell is so big that it’s complicated to move around so that your prospects and customers can see it. That’s when VR comes in handy!

We will talk about our partners at Voghel who, as a distributor of heavy machinery, deal with oversized equipment, and for those, logistics and transportation are always a huge task to handle.

They decided to use virtual reality and 360 video to showcase those big machines and provide their customers with an alternative instead of going on site for a visit!

Technology as a mean to understand better

Is virtual reality and 360 video the best way for you to showcase your product? It all depends on the product to be honest, if not big enough, VR can start feeling awkward in tight spaces…and a bad experience for your customer means a bad look for your brand even if you meant well.

They are several other options to make sure you use the most appropriate technology for your needs. Augmented reality through the Hololens glasses could be a game changer for a lot of industries especially in the customer service and support aspects.

We’ll keep you updated as we run tests with our partners.

We also have virtual tours and other virtual experiences that might be more appropriate for what you’re looking to do for your company and we’ll advise you with your best option.

The best way to showcase your products

At VR2Go, we will meet with you to discuss your needs regarding your products and if virtual reality and 360 video can help you achieve more in a different manner, we’ll find the right concept for you.

Contact-us for more information on the production of a 360 video for industrial products.

Ask for a free demonstration on how 360 videos can be used to showcase your industrial products!

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