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360 Video

A 360 video is a format that allows the user to visualize the environment all around him by choosing where he looks.

Even though you can view this type of video directly on the computer screen and move it around, the best way to view it is in a Google Cardboard Viewer or even better, a head mounted device such as Oculus Go or Quest. The quality of the display used in those headsets is gradually getting better and it won’t be long before prices becomes really affordable and the content offer becomes attractive.

This type of video is made in 3 major steps :

1. Capturing a video using multiple lenses camera that covers a 360-degree field of view.
2. Processing the different videos to create a spherical one.
3. Release the final video product. At this step, users can visualize your video.

The 360 video can be presented live or on-demand for users on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, VeeR and others.

Our 360 video services

To have your customers live an immersive experience, there is nothing better than this brand new medium !

Transport people at the heart of an event that’s happening far away, have people experience the daily routine of your neighborhood, invite potential consumers to visit your company or have sports fans enjoy an intense event. Possibilities are endless !

There are many ways to use a 360 video. It can be used for training and security at work, to immerse a customer or a prospect in your plant or facility so that you can build a strong link with them, for entertainment from home so that you can follow a concert, a festival, a sports event as if you were there, hence why with VR2GO, you can be anywhere. 

With the evolution of technology, VR will be as mainstream as video games can be nowadays. This type of video is a great way to show memories or experiences to children. If your children ask you in 10 years how your wedding was, wouldn’t you love to show them as if they were present at that time ? 

If you want someone to experience a situation or live an event and they are not present, 360 video and virtual reality are the best thing there is right now.

VR2GO offers this service backed by solid knowledge and skills, but also with the most recent equipment to ensure the best quality of videos.

Our team

VR2GO has the expertise and the necessary equipment to realize all your projects.

Our video services are always personalized, adapted to your precise objectives and needs. Using the most recent technologies, VR2GO aims at creating a world always more immersive and will deliver the quality that will impress your target market.

Here are a couple examples of our realisations, available on YouTube. 

Ask for a free demonstration on how 360 videos can benefit your company!

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