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Car dealership

Our service of virtual tour for car dealership will bring solutions to a variety of problems. How to reproduce for the internet consumer the experience of a live visit at the actual car dealership. How to reassure the potential buyer and have them believe in the hype? The answer is to propose a high quality virtual tour embedded directly on your website.

VR2GO is the ideal partner to provide you with the most creative digital marketing for online experiences. Our knowledge and high tech equipment allow us to create visually powerful virtual tour experiences that will greatly increase your online presence, even the interior of the cars can be showcased in the immersive experience!

How to get a virtual tour for your dealership  ?

Working with special gear, to capture spherical 360-degree views, virtual tours can then be assembled. In this experience, you can go from one spot to another and visualize all angles as desired.

The interface of your choice can be used on that virtual tour if you decide to. You can also add graphic elements in that tour.

The method is simple but efficient:

We plan the different paths that your visitors could take.
We assess the best strategic spots where to capture the spherical views.
Photos are then assembled into a virtual tour for the car dealership.
Use the HTML code provided to embed the tour on your website and have people start visiting your car dealership remotely.

Why get a virtual tour for your car dealership ?

The main reason to convince you that you will benefit from this service is the great potential to attract new customers with this solution.

The showroom is often part of the identity as a car dealership. It’s also a way for potential customers to judge the professionalism by admiring the cars that are exposed.

With a virtual tour of your dealership available online on your website, you are showing your customers that you are about your business and you’re giving them another reason to come and visit in person.

For a few years now, we have assisted a growing number of car dealerships and other businesses in creating useful tools for their digital marketing strategy.

This service will also allow you to:

• Optimize your Google Maps online visibility
• Generate online traffic on your website
• Improve your local online ranking

At VR2GO, you will meet people passionate by their work. The knowledge and equipment from which you will benefit, will make you succeed with your objectives.

At VR2GO, we know how to reproduce properly the charm and professionalism of your commercial spaces.
The spherical views are selected for the best impact on your customers.
Our prices are flexible and will adapt to your budget and needs.
All included, you do not need to worry about us, we will work autonomously.
Contactez-us now. We will planify the creation of your virtual tour for your car dealership using your branding!

Ask for a free demonstration on how a virtual tour can benefit your car dealership!

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