Underwater filming

Exploring beneath Chaudière falls

Venturing beneath the tumultuous waters of Chaudiere Falls, VR2GO and Manuel embarked on an exploration, capturing the unseen world below with divers Manuel and Gabriel.

Beneath the Falls: A Prohibited Fishing Zone Teeming with Activity

Despite the area being off-limits for fishing, the waters around Chaudiere Falls were bustling with anglers, showcasing a stark contradiction between regulations and activity.

Aerial Perspective: Following Divers Manuel and Gabriel

From our aerial viewpoint, VR2GO closely followed the divers’ descent, offering an exclusive view of their underwater journey as they navigated the depths surrounding the falls.

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Showcasing Ecological Impact

Manuel and Gabriel’s dive uncovered an unexpected sight—numerous fishing rods and hooks mostly caught somewhere in the water, revealing remnants of illegal fishing practices.

We documented the environmental impact, emphasizing the need for conservation and the adverse effects of human interference in this delicate ecosystem.

VR2GO’s Commitment to Environmental Awareness

VR2GO remains dedicated to shedding light on environmental issues, advocating for responsible stewardship of natural habitats, and inspiring action for conservation efforts.

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