FPV Drone

Exploring Domaine Deslandes Vineyard

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Saint-Théodore d’Acton, Domaine Deslandes invites visitors to indulge in locally crafted wines, offering a delightful experience.

Vineyard Wonders: Tasting and Local Offerings

Domaine Deslandes captivates with its exquisite wines, providing an opportunity to savor on-site produce while also showcasing regional goods from local artisans.

A Picturesque Venue: Celebrate at Domaine Deslandes

Embrace the beauty of Domaine Deslandes as it provides an idyllic backdrop for special occasions, such as weddings and gatherings, amidst stunning countryside vistas.

A Grape and Cherry Picking Delight

Experience the joy of fruit picking firsthand at Domaine Deslandes, offering visitors the chance to pluck their own grapes and cherries amidst the scenic vineyard.

Captivating FPV Drone Video

VR2GO’s FPV drone video beautifully captures the essence of Domaine Deslandes, highlighting its charm and allure to entice visitors from far and wide.

Campaign Success: Local Engagement and Lead Generation

Through a strategic campaign based on VR2GO’s video, Domaine Deslandes garnered local attention, generating dozens of leads at a cost-effective rate of less than $10 per lead.

Community Reception: Positive Impact on Vineyard Traffic

The campaign’s impact extended beyond online leads, drawing increased foot traffic to Domaine Deslandes, leaving the owner delighted with the heightened interest.

Domaine Deslandes Vineyard, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Saint-Théodore d’Acton, invites wine enthusiasts to savor local wines, enjoy scenic vistas, and partake in unique experiences like fruit picking. VR2GO‘s captivating FPV drone video and a targeted campaign elevated local engagement, leaving a lasting impact on the vineyard’s outreach and community presence.