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Underwater filming

Exploring the Protected North-End Marchland Near Quebec

We ventured into the protected North-End Marchland, joining divers Manuel and Mélanie on an exploration that showcased the unique environment of this restricted area.

Protected Habitat

The North-End Marchland is a protected region, requiring specific authorization for diving or swimming, as obtained by our team for this special expedition.

St-Jean Lake Proximity

Situated adjacent to St-Jean Lake, the North-End Marchland serves as a crucial buffer zone for Quebec City’s primary drinking water source, highlighting its environmental significance.

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Preserving the Marchland’s Delicate Balance

The protected status of the North-End Marchland emphasizes the need for conservation efforts to maintain the delicate balance of this vital ecosystem.

Through our documentation of this unique area, VR2GO advocates for environmental sensitivity and the importance of responsible stewardship of protected habitats.

VR2GO’s Commitment to Environmental Awareness

Contact VR2GO to explore opportunities for leveraging our environmental exploration and storytelling expertise to amplify conservation efforts and showcase the significance of protected areas like the North-End Marchland near Quebec.