360 Video

Unveiling the Legacy of HMS Daffodil

Discover the remarkable history of HMS Daffodil, constructed by Fairfield Govan in 1917 to serve as part of the critical rail freight transport system between Britain and continental Europe during wartime.

The Heroic Rescue: A Tale of Bravery

Explore the historic rescue mission of British and American soldiers by HMS Daffodil on the fateful day of February 1, 1919, off the Isle of Wight, involving the American transport USS Narrangansett.

Transition and Acquisitions: Railway Connections

Trace the vessel’s transition from military service to civilian use as it was acquired by the Great Eastern Railway and subsequently taken over by the London and North Eastern Railway, marking a pivotal shift in its operational journey.

Royal Navy Service: From Vessel to HMS Daffodil

Delve into the transformation of HMS Daffodil when requisitioned by the Royal Navy in 1940, renamed, and repurposed as a Landing Craft carrier during World War II, showcasing its adaptation to wartime needs.

The Illustrious Sinking: The Final Chapter

Uncover the poignant demise of HMS Daffodil as it met its fate off the coast of Dieppe, France, in March 1945, concluding its storied journey with a poignant end.

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Reviving History: Manuel’s 360-Degree Dive into the Wreck

Join Manuel, our diving partner, as he plunges into the depths to capture a captivating 360 video of the sunken wreck, breathing life into the tales and history of HMS Daffodil in a mesmerizing storytelling adventure.

Discover the extraordinary journey of HMS Daffodil, from its origins as a crucial wartime transport vessel to its heroic endeavors and ultimate sinking off the coast of France, as Manuel’s immersive 360 video brings an evocative narrative to this historic shipwreck.