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Real estate

Did you know that technology is changing the real estate industry? Virtual reality is one of the factors of these changes.

Nowadays, you can already visualize remotely a condo, a house and even commercial housing without the need to go on site.

We invite you to discover the magic of the virtual tour for the real estate industry.

What is the virtual tour used for real estate ?

With a smartphone or a virtual reality headset, you can find yourself immersed through a virtual tour in the house of your dreams.

Virtual tours in the real estate industry, whether commercial or residential can be beneficial for both parties, the buyer and the seller.

If you’re the buyer, you can visualize in a very simple and efficient manner a condo or a house remotely. This step can be used as a first filter to ensure you spend less time on the road. You can now stay in the confort of your own house to visit a lot more places.

Advantages of the virtual tour for real estate

Virtual tours in the real estate industry can offer benefits for both parties: the seller and the buyer of a property. The virtual tour can be made of panoramic pictures, 360 videos or an immersive 3D experience.

As a buyer, the virtual tour in real estate allows you to:

• Save time on the road by avoiding going to a location
• Stay in the comfort of on your own home for a visit
• Have the opportunity to visit many more properties
• Compare properties in an easier way

As a seller, the virtual tour in real estate allows you to:

•Limit the amount of visits on site so you can save some time
• Have your properties available for visits anytime to many more potential buyers
• Give value to the property
• Have the property visited even if it’s being renovated or if it’s under construction

If you haven’t given this technology a try, we would recommend that you do as you could be surprised by this enjoyable experience.

Our service for real estate

If you want to improve the experience that you offer to your customers to make it a memorable one, the virtual tour is made for you.

Your customers will be grateful to discover an immersive technology that offers them so many advantages.

VR2GO is specialized in producing immersive content in the virtual reality field that is fastly expanding. Innovation and technology are part of our essence.

With some of the most recent photo and video equipment, VR2GO will transport you to new universes.

When using virtual reality for your real estate needs, it will bring you a unique added value. By offering those possibilities to your potential customers, you will increase dramatically your chances of selling or renting the property.

Don’t wait to start using this technology for your own projects, you won’t be disappointed by the results.

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