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Virtual tour 

You have probably always wanted to access a remote location to take a look without being on site: a condo, a house, a museum or a school.

It’s now possible with a virtual tour !

To do so, you can just see in front of your computer screen, on your phone or tablet, or put on a virtual reality headset, and there you go, you can now visit any place in the world.

Either it be panoramic tours, 360 videos or virtual reality interactive experiences, virtual tours are getting more and more popular these days.

The different types of experiences that you can propose to your potential customers clearly depend on the budget you want to invest on the project. Capturing panoramas around a location to assemble them into a virtual tour is the most basic tour you can get. You can also decide to start from the floorplans to assemble the location virtually on screen and you would be able to provide an interactive virtual tour with a head mounted device such as Oculus and HTC Vive headsets.

Our virtual tour services

If you wish to showcase a certain location, the virtual tour is what you need.

With the adapted equipment and strategy to capture your content, VR2GO lets you visit many places.

This is a way to immerse the user in various situations:

• A real estate promoter who wants to invite people to visit a condo remotely or before its construction is completed.
• A student who’s not sure about his future school or university: the virtual tour can provide him with a tour of the campus, the buildings and the dorms.
• A potential customer who wants to visualize the next restaurant he will go to.
These are only a few examples of the different contexts when including a virtual tour as part of your digital marketing strategy makes sense !

Why choose our services?

VR2GO is a company always aiming to find new and better ways to innovate in the world of virtual reality. Our technical skills and knowledge at VR2GO allow us to work on a broad variety of projects.

The virtual reality services from VR2GO will continue to differentiate from the rest as they will always be tailored for our customers and their needs and we’ll always push boundaries to provide the best quality. Our goal is for you to make your world more accessible to your customers, keep them involved with your brand the immersive way.

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