Google Street View

Simply because in “Google Street View“, there is “Google“, that means that for every company out there, the potential to increase your visibility online is huge which is definitely something to take into consideration when talking about Google services and products.

All those Google services are part of a suite and they work well together, that’s why you should use always the same Gmail account when registering to those services.

There is Google My Business, which allows you to edit all the information related to your business, you can always register by clicking “Claim this business”. You will then be able to modify the hours of operation for your business, the website and other useful information for your potential customers.

how to Claim your Business

The first thing to do is to go on Google Maps to look for your business location. It you’re not opened yet and you would like to register ahead of your opening, it’s even better, please go directly to Google My Business.

Your company will appear automatically on Google Maps once your profile on Google My Business will have been confirmed. Please note that once a business has been claimed, nobody else can then claim this business again, only suggestions can be offered for modifications.

Google Street View for business offers a functionality allowing us to keep track of the number of views each photo had so far.

By now, you probably understand well enough that when your company is accessible on Google Maps and other Google services, it can only generate more interest towards your business and potentially attracts new customers.

why use google street view?

In 2015, Google commissioned an independent survey, which objective was to better understand the use and expectations from the public when it comes to virtual tours. They found out that people who had the opportunity to see the virtual tour in a given location were more likely to place a reservation in that same location. Other interesting fact, after having seen businesses offering a virtual tour, 67% of those surveyed expressed wanting more virtual tours.

On top of being really useful for your visibility on Google and all affiliated services, you can also use the panoramic photos directly in Facebook, always in order to maximize the profitability of your investment more efficiently. 

All these parameters prove that Google Street View for business with 360 photos and virtual tours can be a good way to attract new customers.

The cost of producing a virtual tour in Google Street View for business can vary depending on the surface of your location.

Please get in touch with us if you would like an estimate for your business!

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