VR2GO: You can be anywhere!

VR2GO and virtual reality come to bring you a new era of technology and digital marketing. It all started with the Google cardboards and your phone, now autonomous head mounted displays such as the Oculus Go and Quest are available at a lower price point than ever before. At this point, VR2GO’s mission is to make you and your company a pioneer using virtual reality, or VR, to define the new workflows that virtual reality will bring to your field.

The company started with the basic principle that immersive content should be accessible to the masses. It has now become realistic for companies to own VR headsets to showcase immersive content to their prospects and customers, to train employees, to enjoy a concert or an event. We always make sure that the immersive experiences are optimized to be displayed in VR headsets, but we also make sure that your customers have the alternative to use their phones to discover the experiences as well!

Brands using VR

We create personalized and innovative concepts that will take your brand to the next level, by allowing your customers to engage with your world in a more immersive way.

The right objectives

VR2GO aims to provide the best tailored services for your business, whether you are into entertainment, real estate, tourism or many others, your brand can always benefit from virtual reality. We will evaluate your needs and provide you with the best solution to interact directly with your target market.

What works for you

Getting the right VR services for your needs will give you a great return on investment through new leads and customers. People love technology and are always inspired to do business with companies who bring them innovative content.

A step forward

Virtual reality is definitely a milestone when it comes to the evolution of technology, by starting now with immersive experiences for your brand, VR2GO will make you a pioneer in your domain!

Our services

360 Video

Whether it is to showcase products or to train your employees, a 360 video is surely the best media to keep the attention of your audience and make sure that your message gets through!

Virtual Tour

For your retail business, restaurant, hotel, real estate and many others, it ends up being really useful to propose a virtual tour of their locations for their customers.

Google Street View

Google Maps is most used cartography service in the world. By making sure to offer a virtual tour on Google Street View, you ensure your business gets a lot of visibility from prospects.

360 Live Streaming

Live streaming has been the latest trend on social medias and it is now available for 360. YouTube, Facebook and others already support the media.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a vague term that can define a lot of different products related to the field: all the previous services listed for a starter, but also video games and other VR experiences.


Real Estate

Do you need a virtual tour for a property ? Do you need aerial visuals of certain locations? VR2GO can certainly guide you with that!

Industrial Products

Sometimes, in order for people to realize how a product or a plant really works and how big it is, you need VR!

Training & Education

Virtual reality is known to stimulate empathy and attention for the users, this is really useful when you want to train people as efficiently as possible.


Virtual reality is about to become standard to live or relive certain events, whether we’re talking about professional meetings, live sports, weddings or others.


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