Underwater filming

Dive into the St. Lawrence River

Exploring the depths of the St. Lawrence River near the Hyppolite-Lafontaine tunnel in Montreal, our team at VR2GO had the unique opportunity to showcase the underwater marvels of this bustling area. Collaborating with Manuel on this thrilling dive expedition, he ventured into the depths to capture the hidden beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Drone Operator in Underwater Exploration

As Manuel embarked on this underwater journey alongside his diving companion, Julien, equipped with the necessary gear and excitement, we, at VR2GO, played a crucial role in documenting this exhilarating dive from the sky. Our skilled drone operator, piloted the drone, capturing stunning aerial footage of this underwater exploration.

Unveiling Hidden Wonders With Aerial Perspective

Despite challenging visibility for our divers, our aerial footage showcased the surroundings and the underwater footage featured eels, trouts, and vivid flora, providing a unique view of the river’s enchanting underwater world.

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Preserving Aquatic Habitats Through Exploration

Our footage highlights the importance of preserving these aquatic habitats, emphasizing the rich biodiversity and raising awareness about the underwater marvels of the St. Lawrence River.

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